OECD CERI international conference, Pécs, 2022

Szilvia Németh, T-Tudok, Hungary - full presentation during the OECD/CERI international conference "Creativity and Critical Thinking Skills in School: Moving a shared agenda forward".

OECD conference on creativity, 2017

T-Tudok participated in the OECD and the University of Durham joint conference, which was the closing event of the OECD CERI Fostering Creativity in Children and young people through Education and Culture”  project. The head of T-Tudok, Szilvia Németh, also presented in the program.

4th Central European Higher Education Cooperation (CEHEC) Conference

Higher Education in Central and Eastern Europe: National, Regional and European Trajectories

Judit Lannert presented the main results of our research on internationalization of Hungarian higher education. The presentation is available of the official site of the event.

"The International Conference on the Fostering and Development of Talent”, Bratislava, 2016

Our research centre was represented by Szilvia Németh, Managing director at “The International Conference on the Fostering and Development of Talent” in Bratislava. She was a member of the panel of “Art and Creativity” where the Creative Partnerships programme in Hungary was highlighted.

Education and training 2010 - workshop in preparation for EU presidency 2010

Every second year, EU Member States have to deliver a report to the EU in which they summarize their accomplishments and results connected to the implementation of the Education and Training 2010 Work Programme. The purpose of the workshop was to present the 2009 Hungarian national report but the workshop also served as an event to exchange experiences and discuss future tasks related to the EU Presidency of Hungary.

THe National Report is avalable in English here.

TALIS conference in Budapest 2009

The first results of the OECD TALIS research project were disseminated at this conference on Oct 15th, 2009.

The Ministry of Education and Culture and the Department of EU Relations organized a conference to present the results of the OECD TALIS study on teachers. The conference took place in the National Széchenyi Library on Oct 15th 2009. Hungarian participants of the survey, representatives of schools, educational professionals, teachers and representatives of teacher unions were invited. At the conference, Judit Lannert also presented the results of a research project conducted by TÁRKI-TUDOK Inc. on teachers’ workload and time management.

The Open Method of Coordination

Applications of the OMC, experiences and proposals for the future were presented at the conference held on February 19th, 2009.

The purpose of the conference was to share and discuss the experiences accumulated in 5 years through the application of OMC in Hungary and in other member states across the EU. Proposals for the post-2010 strategic framework were also addressed.
At the conference Judit Lannert gave a presentation about OMC experiences in Hungary and the region.

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