International projects

T-Tudok in Eastern Sugar – international project (Creative Europe)

EASTERN SUGAR is an international, interdisciplinary, contemporary visual art project with strong focus on artistic research. Project reflects the recent facets of European history through the case of sugar industry in Central Europe. By the means of artistic research, curatorial cooperation, creation of new artworks, five international group exhibitions, participative installations, public and educational programs, and a comprehensive interdisciplinary publication the project investigates the “clearing” process of the Central-European sugar production. Thus, sugar can be understood as a metaphor for the notion of Europe and world under constant transformation. EASTERN SUGAR strives to bring the attention to the history of sugar industry in Central Europe and to place it on the global map of the story of sugar. While doing so, it considers colonial impact of the past as well as the present.

OECD Project on Assessing Progress in Creative and Critical Thinking Skills in Education (2017)

Between April and July 2017, the OECD launched a two-year pilot program with a dual purpose, on the one hand, to provide a toolbox for creativity and critical thinking to teachers, and on the other hand to include creativity measures in the 2021 PISA study.
Creativity and critical thinking skills have become the focus of the OECD, as more research has shown (eg the World Economic Forum) that these are the main drivers of economic competitiveness, but unfortunately at the same time the most lacking skills in today’s workers, according to employers’ feedback.
Five countries participated in the first half of the two-year period (Hungary, Thailand, Slovakia, USA, France) and in the second phase 14 countries have already been nominated. The Hungarian participation was justified by the fact that in the whole of Europe, only the English and the Hungarians had a program of developing creativity of students (Creative Partnership program), with evidence based evaluation. Creative Partnership has been adapted to Hungary by the team of T-Tudok.

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