Cultural Learning and Diversity in Europe

Europe in Perspective: International Co-operation in Cultural Learning

Europe has always been a continent within which many populations with diverse cultural backgrounds have co-existed. Intensification of the discussions around integration, tolerance, cultural diversity and renationalisation show that the challenge of living together in a diverse environment still proves difficult to manage though.

At the same time, artists and cultural institutions as well as arts educators have explored new ways to support formal, non-formal and informal education – motivated by the belief that learning in and through the arts can bring necessary benefits in terms of personal and societal improvement. But many of these activities are not addressing the challenges of living in a diverse and globalised world as much as necessary to substantially contribute to an improvement in intercultural understanding and learning to live together in diversity.

In this context, the aim of Europe in Perspective: International Co-operation in Cultural Learning is to create new transnational and European professional development opportunities that strengthen the capacity of those working in schools as well as in non-formal arts and cultural education to develop more intercultural understanding and European awareness. In order to achieve this, multinational modular training units are to be developed and tested in the field.

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