Internationalisation of Higher Education in Hungary

The main results of the research: Most universities in Hungary already have many courses offered in English. As student mobility increases, there are institutions that have already reached or are close to the limit where the increase in the proportion of foreign students is no longer possible without deteriorating the level of quality.  The most important guarantee of internal quality internationalization is appropriate language proficiency and openness. Public education plays a crucial role in developing these competencies, and that is why teacher training is an important agent in the internationalization of higher education. Appropriate language and communication skills and openness of teachers can fundamentally influence the attitudes of future students and professors. Staff mobility is a key to the external quality internationalization of higher education. This requires far more resources (time and money, as well as a shift in attitude in national education policy and in the organizations of HEIs).

The report on internationalization of Hungarian higher education and the Hungarian doctoral schools can be read on the TEMPUS website.


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