Research on school financing (2010)

For the request of the Ministry of Education and Culture Tárki-Tudok Inc. during the spring of 2010 has been pursued qualitative and quantitative analysis considering some aspects of financing of educational institutions maintained by several actors. International practice, Hungarian legal administration and articles about this topic have been taken into consideration while analysing the situation. We used the data of schools collected under the auspice of the National Assessment of Competency and made interviews among the head of schools. The focus of the research was to find out the connection between the services provided by schools with different maintainers and their expenditure. The results show that although it is true that the operational expenditure per head is higher among the denominational and private schools, but controlling by the services provided by them and comparing them to the publicly financed schools with the same characteristics (benchmark), their expenditure is less by 10%. It drives us to the conclusion that pursuing the internationally general way of sector-independent financing would increase the efficient operation of the Hungarian school system, as well.


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