The legal predecessor of T-Tudok Inc. is TÁRKI-TUDOK Knowledge Management and Educational Research Inc. was founded on November 15, 2007, by TÁRKI Inc., which deals with applied social research, and Judit Lannert, the former director of the Research Center of the National Institute of Public Education. As of November 5, 2012, the company continues its activities under the name T-TUDOK Inc. with the same scope of activities and mission, now as a member of the Netvestor group.

Mission statement

Our goal is to help decision-makers, professionals, and those interested in education to better understand the processes taking place in education and training. To this end, we strive to make the research results of our own and other domestic and international workshops as widely known as possible. We consider it particularly important that the knowledge we create is also helpful for practice. Hence, we specifically strive to uncover good practices that improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning and to popularize them widely. For the same reason, we consider our activities very important to include the evaluation and impact assessment of developmental interventions, developments, and programs. We strive to carry out pioneering evaluations and development, with which we can promote the success of a given program as much as possible. The main activities of the center are educational research and knowledge management. Its main research area is the change in the educational institutional system, education and development policy, education management, the inner world of the school, the relationship between education and the labor market, education’s effectiveness, and education’s fairness. In our research, we strive for the well-founded and extensive use of methods, the combined use of quantitative and qualitative tools. The research results must flow into classroom practice, which is why we launched the Creative Partnership Hungary program in 2014, and we strive to participate in international development projects as well.


  • public policy analyzes and reports
  • international comparative studies


  • school research
  • indicator development
  • uncovering good practices and creating case studies
  • program evaluation examining the impact of developmental interventions
  • developing creativity in the classroom
  • content development for websites dealing with education
  • organization of domestic and international seminars, workshops, mini-conferences
  • website operation
  • expert activity and strategic consulting for government, municipal and business clients

  1035 Budapest, Vihar utca 18. telefon: +36 20 263 3107,