Parenting support in Europe

Eurofound Report on Parenting Support in Europe 2012 May

 Much of the debate about work–life balance and the well-being of children has focused on issues such as childcare services, flexible work arrangements and child allowances. While the influence of parenting on the well-being and future opportunities of children is widely acknowledged, it is only recently that parenting support and education have come to be viewed as a social investment that contributes towards reducing parental stress and helping parents to manage work and family commitments successfully. Good parenting skills have a highly positive impact on the physical, emotional and intellectual development of children

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New book on Creative Partnership Hungary

A new bilingual (Hungarian and English) book has been published about Creative Partnership program in Pécs in June 2018. Special feature of the book that it presents the work of the artists cooperating with the teachers in the classroom. We recommend it to everyone with love!

4th Central European Higher Education Cooperation (CEHEC) Conference

Judit Lannert presented the main results of our research on internationalization of Hungarian higher education. The presentation is available of the official site of the event.

"The International Conference on the Fostering and Development of Talent”

Our research centre was represented by Szilvia Németh, Managing director at “The International Conference on the Fostering and Development of Talent” in Bratislava. She was a member of the panel of “Art and Creativity” where the Creative Partnerships programme in Hungary was highlighted.


Facts and Figures on Hungarian Public Education 2014

This is the first edition of Public Education in Hungary: Facts and Figures published by T-Tudok. This publication attempts to summarize basic statistical data on public education for those who want to have a first glimps of the state of the system of public education in Hungary.

Traksfora project

A collection of case studies within the project “Training Requirements and Key Skills for Artists and Creative Practitioners to Work in Participatory Settings has been established.

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