Investing in Children's Services, Improving Outcomes

ESN 3-year project ‘Investing in Children’s services, improving outcomes’ came to an end with the publication of a study, which is the outcome of 3 years of work with child welfare agencies, children’s services directors and providers across 14 European countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom). Together, we have worked on assessing how the principles of the European Commission’s Recommendation ‘Investing in children: breaking the cycle of disadvantage’ (are implemented in practice, specifically those on quality services.

Lannert Judit of T-Tudok Inc. was one of the two Hungarian experts contributing to the report.

Parenting support in Europe (2012)

Eurofound Report on Parenting Support in Europe 2012 May

 Much of the debate about work–life balance and the well-being of children has focused on issues such as childcare services, flexible work arrangements and child allowances. While the influence of parenting on the well-being and future opportunities of children is widely acknowledged, it is only recently that parenting support and education have come to be viewed as a social investment that contributes towards reducing parental stress and helping parents to manage work and family commitments successfully. Good parenting skills have a highly positive impact on the physical, emotional and intellectual development of children

How the world?s most improved school systems keep getting better

The second McKinsey report was published in November 2010

Wings and Weights

In Nov 2008 the President of Hungary, László Sólyom convened the so called "Committee of The Wise". The members of the committee were all internationally recognized and experienced experts and their mission was to give proposals for the development of the education system, and the combat of corruption.
The committe published its report in Jan 2010. The English version of the report is available here.

Green Book for the Renewal of Public Education in Hungary

From 2007 Judit Lannert was an expert member of the Round Table for Education and Child Opportunities. The Green Book summarizing the work of the round table was published in 2009 and available in English here.

How the best performing school systems come out on the top?

The McKinsey&Companys report was published in September 2007

The reports executive summary:

Education reform is top of the agenda of almost every country in the world. Yet despite massive increases in spending (last year, the worlds governments spent $2 trillion on education) and ambitious attempts at reform, the performance of many school systems has
barely improved in decades. This is all the more surprising because there are wide variations in the quality of education. For instance, in international assessments, less than one percent of African and Middle Eastern children perform at or above the Singaporean average. Nor is this solely the result of the level of investment. Singapore, one of the worlds top performers, spends lesson primary education than do 27 of the 30 countries in the OECD. Changing what happens in the hearts and minds of millions of children.  The main charge of any school system is no simple task. That some do so successfully while others do not is indisputable. So why is it that some school systems consistently perform better and improve faster than others?

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