Tanoda - research (2012/13)

Evaluation shows that study halls (tanoda) play a decisive role in reducing the prejudice in local communities. The basis for the professional operation of each examined tanoda is child-centeredness. At the same time, usually tutors are teachers from the local schools, so the study hall cannot be independent of the often obsolete local teaching practice. The vast majority of tanodas do not exploit the professional-methodological opportunity of functioning as a pedagogical laboratory. The methodological culture taken from local schools prevents them from becoming innovative pedagogical workshops.
The positive impact of time spent on studying mathematics in tanoda was significantly detectable. But the mathematics knowledge of pupils both in tanoda or the members of the controll group (classmates) remained very shallow. What is more, no positive effect was found in the more complex inductive-deductive thinking, which can be partly explained by the fact that the majority of tutors in tanoda are satisfied with the practice and correction of routine tasks. This in any case suggests that the efficiency of the teachers and tutors could be improved only be renewing their teaching methods and approaches.


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